SOTA – Brown Clee Hill (G/WB-002) 18th August 2012

If at first you don’t succeed…….

My first attempt at activating  Brown Clee Hill was a total failure!. I blame Bradley Wiggins and his Tour de France win, which was the same Sunday.. The result was a whole 2 QSOs on 20M, and nothing at all on 2M..

So, it was time to try again 🙂

Saturday 18th August saw me jumping in the car for the short journey (for me anyway!) to the parking spot at SO585868. Actually I parked on the hill just above the phone box, maybe I should have parked at the gate, to take 50 yards or so off the walk 🙂 Grabbing the stuff, I set off up the lane and through the gate.

Only 2 minutes to Brown Clee Hill!

Just through the gate there’s a nice sign…

2 minutes to Brown Clee Hill!  Yay!
Remember, you’re not a horse!
Consequently, it’s going to take a tad more than 2 minutes to get up there.. Actually, I’m not sure a horse can get up there in 2 minutes, but who am I to doubt the sign maker?
It’s a bit of a slog really, most of the time in a dip between the hill and a grassy bank, lots of sheep, a lot of rubble, and quite a bit of animal poo…..  but nice views to the west towards Wales. But within about 15-20 minutes I was at the top of the ‘climb’ at the gate where you turn left and navigate your way across a bit of boggy terrain.. At least from here you can see the masts, and you can see where you’re going to!

Ambling up the gentle slope, I heard 2E0CHV/P calling from The Stiperstones. Unfortunately, at this point I wasn’t within the activation zone, so I left a reply until later.

By 16:20 I was ready, 4 sections if the fishing pole with the 2M SOTAbeam on top with the 817nd attached. I heard 2E0CHV/P calling again, and answered, giving me my first contact.

Closely followed by M0IBC in Rowley Regis who kindly spotted me on SOTAwatch. This resulted in a further 5 contacts, meaning I’d bettered the 2 from the last time!

All contacts on 2M FM, I did try 2M SSB, but failed to make any contacts whatsoever.. never mind.

Many thanks to the following:


 Callsign  Time Name/Location Frequency Mode
 2E0CHV/P  16:20z Simon, Stiperstones (G/WB-003)  2M FM
 M0IBC  16:40z Dave, Rowley Regis  2M FM
 G8ILP/A  16:55z Tim, Ross on Wye  2M FM
 G0UWU  17:00z Mike, Gloucester  2M FM
 MOJLA  17:05z Rod, Hereford  2M FM
 GW7HDC  17:10z Tony, Knighton  2M FM
 GW0HUS  17:20z Graham, Moel y Crio  2M FM

I thought about doing some HF, but after getting the link dipole out and finding it was more tangled than a tangled thing from the planet tangled, I threw it back in the back pack and packed up!

It was a lot easier walking back down! A very nice afternoon in the sunshine really!


End of the boggy bit, time to go downhill

Half way down the steep bit!