SOTA – The Wrekin (G/WB-010) 7th May 2013

Despite living less than 10 miles away from the Wrekin, G/WB-010, on the outskirts of Telford, for nearly 20 years, I’d never even been up it… not even without a backpack full of electronic junk radio equipment…

7th May 2013 put paid to that.

Taking the opportunity to park at the quite large car park at the intersection of Ercall Lane and Wellington Road, I checked I had all the equipment needed, put on the boots and made my way across the road to the bottom of the path.

It doesn’t look far, looking from the M54 as you drive past, but being rather unfit, it was quite a long way, zig zagging up to the ‘Halfway House’ cafe… ‘Halfway’? If only!

Route up the Wrekin

Route up the Wrekin

Once past it, its a little further until the path turns South West towards the summit.. Fantastic!

However, the top of the hill you can see from there is actually ‘Hell Gate’.. Once past there, you can see what looks like the summit… only, it’s not, it’s ‘Heavens Gate’

Once past there, you can actually see the summit.. yay! It was at this point I was nearly run over by a 4×4 carrying a paraglider up to the summit… Oh, for a lift!

Eventually, I made it to the top! and wandered across to the trig. However, being rather busy this day, I decided to set up the stuff just to the North of it, slightly off the top, still within the activation zone.

iew of the transmitter masts on the WrekinV

View from the ‘shack’

Looking down on a police helicopter

Looking down on a police helicopter!


Not a huge amount of calls with the 5W from the 817nd, dipole for 2M and the norcal doublet via a portable tuner for HF, but the following made it into the log:

Time Call Band Mode Notes
11:20z G7RHF/M 144MHz FM Al in much Wenlock
11:25z M0IBC 144MHz FM Dave in Rowley Regis
11:26z G6LUZ 144MHz FM Steve in Audlem
11:34z G6ODU 144MHz FM Bob in Ormskirk
11:36z M6RGF 144MHz FM Russ in Cheshire
11:36z G0ALC 144MHz FM Joe in Walsall Wood
11:39z G3NPJ 144MHz FM Alan on the Wirral
11:41z M6IPD 144MHz FM Paul in Stourbrige
12:10z M1NTO 144MHz FM Hugh in TYLDESLEY
12:39z EA2CKX 14MHz SSB Pedro in Spain
12:41z SM6DER 14MHz SSB Sten in Gothenberg Sweden
12:44z OK1DVM 14MHz SSB MIROSLAV in Prague
12:47z EA3HP 14MHz SSB Daniel in Catalunya
12:50z OE5HDN 14MHz SSB Henry in Linz Austria
12:52z OE1KLA 14MHz SSB Karl in Vienna
13:12z G6TUH 14MHz SSB Mike SE England
13:14z GI4ONL 14MHz SSB Victor N. Ireland

There was a couple of people on 60m, but I wasn’t able to tune the 44′ doublet to get a reasonable SWR.

Once the calls had dried up, I packed it all up and made my way back down to the car, considerably easier than coming up!  Quite a way for a single point! None the less, an enjoyable time.